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JUMPaper 12/10/2009 Takaki Yuya


I don't remember seeing the translation for this, so I decided to try my hand at translating it. Sorry if there are any mistakes, I didn't really understand him either xD Here's the translation for Takaki's JUMPaper on 12/10/09. Credits to 頑張りま賞 for the Chinese translation. Those in italics are my own comments.


Hello everyone, I’m Takaki Yuya (^O^)


Good afternoon everyone!!


I’m troubled over what to write~!

So, I shall write about what happened recently (laugh)


Recently I’m obsessed over home videos (laugh)

I do some random stuff, then I connect it to the TV once I get home and watch it, it’s really entertaining (laugh) I do whatever comes to my mind according to the atmosphere, and then when I watch it after that I feel really embarrassed!

I do all these random stuff!


And~ I’ve been starting to keep tropical fish (laugh) (laugh)

I’ve been keeping fugu (puffer fish), they’re really cute~ (^_^)


I always stand in front of the fish tank and stare at them (laugh)


I have three of them, and my friends and I changed their names, they’re called Kotaro, Hitorimi and Oinari (laugh) <-- I hope I didn't get this wrong. ><


They’re quite annoying, ne (laugh)


But these names are really cute!!!!


Oh, I met a very cute kid a while ago.

I was at the supermarket shopping, then I kept feeling as if someone was pulling me, and I felt it was strange, so I looked backwards, and saw a little boy tugging at my clothes, smiling really innocently

He’s really innocent ne (laugh)

I really hope he can grow up like that


A person thinking “Why don’t you become innocent first” - ?! (laugh) <-- I didn't get this ><


Honestly speaking  (laugh)


I’m very innocent!!!!


If we carry on like that it’ll probably never end, so I’ll write about something else at the end for the ending!!


Let’s talk about Choco (his dog, here's the picture)          <-- Ahh he's so cute! <3

That guy’s really smart!!

The other time I was taking him out for a walk, he was obviously really excited like last time, but once we got to the slope he acted as if he was really tired and wouldn’t budge (laugh) He really knows how to use his brain right!?

So I carried him, and after the slope, he was really excited again, then we walked another round, and when he saw the slope again, he looked at me really tiredly again!!

Although it was tough, but he’s really very cute (laugh)

In other words, I’m a stupid father ne (laugh)


Then, I’ll say goodbye

I love you Takaki Yuya! <-- o.o

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