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All About Takaki Yuya

Takaki's Daily

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Name: Takaki Yuya
Nickname: Takaki-kun, Yuuyan
DoB: Ibaraki, March 26, 1990
Zodiac: Aries
Blood type: O
Height: 175 cm (5 ft 8 inches)
Weight: 60.4 kg (130 lbs)
Former Group: J.J. Express, Hey! Say! 7
Recent Group: Hey!Say!JUMP

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Welcome to yuyashiteru. This community made cos we love Yuya.
# angelika20 - Angel
# personified - Vangie
# skyruri_me - Ploy
# turtlepark - Nae

ps: *Don't worry to post an entry, cos we'll moderate your post :)
*Just tell one of us if there's problem or something you should say about this community :) mod.yuyashiteru@yahoo.com



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2. Posting rules for graphics >>HERE<<.
3. Posting rules for fanfics >>HERE<<
4. You may post any info/news, rumor, picspam, video, question, etc, as long as it's related to Takaki Yuya
5. Tag your entry.
6. No bashing to Hey!Say!JUMP, Takaki Yuya, members, maintainers, or the entry.
7. Respect each other: credit and comment if taking any of the fanart or even only read an entry :)
8. Affiliates and advertising is allowed, as long as it's related to Hey!Say!JUMP, especially Takaki Yuya
9. ENJOY :)